The following chart shows LDS Church growth to 2005.

Mormon Infographic

Church Membership – 2010
Total membership: 14,131,467
United States(approx.): 6,238,758
Non-U.S.(approx): 7,586,096
Increase of children (2009): 119,722

Membership Distribution (1 January 2010):
Canada – 179,801
United States – 6,238,758
Mexico –1,234,545
Central America – 527,511
South America – 3,378,958
Europe – 672,106
Asia – 996,941
Africa – 308,390
South Pacific – 437,924

Church Units (2010)
Wards/Branches: 28,660 arrow
Family History Centers: 4,648

Mission Field
Full-time missionaries: 52,483
Converts: 280,106
Languages: 175

Missions: 340

Missionary Training Centers: 15

Mormon Temples
Total: 134

Humanitarian Aid

Countries served since 1985:  178

Value of Aid since 1985: $1.3 Billion

Welfare Service Missionaries: 8,583

The Book of Mormon; Another Testament of Jesus Christ
Over 120,000,000 copies distributed since 1830
Approximately 4,686,231 copies distributed in 2003
106 languages in print

The Mormon Church is currently divided up into regional units of various sizes. The most basic organizational unit is known as a ward and is placed under the direction of the local bishop, who has been delegated the authority to preside over that particular ward. A group of wards is known as a stake and is led by a stake president.

Mormon TempleAbove the stake level are regions, followed by areas, which have their own appointed leaders. The world is also divided into units known as missions, which are under the direction of mission presidents. A geographical mission is the area to which Mormon missionaries are called and where they will serve. Missions can be so large that they contain a number of countries, or so small they include only a portion of a city. (Santiago, Chile, is comprised of four missions.) Additionally, there are a number of auxiliary programs which operate at ward, stake, and Church-wide levels. These include the women’s Relief Society, the Young Women’s and Young Men’s Organizations, and the Primary Organization for children under age 12.

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