Lehi and his family mormon

Lehi and his family

A prophet named Lehi from the Book of Mormon (a book revered as scripture by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the “Mormon Church by friends of other faiths) had a vision of the Tree of Life (see 1 Nephi 8). In this vision Lehi sees a tree that holds the most sweet and desirable fruit, which could make anyone happy if they were to partake of it. To get to the tree you have to go on a journey, similar to a hike, that has its ups and downs and it is not always easy to stay on the right course. This is like a representation of life and how we are all on our own journey; but where does our journey lead? Although I was born and raised in the LDS Church and have grown up reading about this vision many times; it seems every time I read it I learn something new from it and if I don’t learn something new, I am reminded of what kind of life I want to live and where I want to go. The fruit of the tree represents having eternal life and this is a goal I hope to gain some day.

In Lehi’s vision, on the path to the tree, there was an iron rod that was there to help you stay on the path to get to the tree. Besides the iron rod there were obstacles and distractions and other paths you could take which would lead you away from the tree. This is exactly how life is; it isn’t easy. We may know what the right choice but because of temptations it is not always easy. We can be blinded or get lost. Making right choices can take sacrifice and hard work, perseverance, and focus. One of the distractions Lehi saw in his vision was a large and spacious building. This building was filled with people who seemed to be having a good time and they were pointing fingers and mocking those that were holding on to the rod of iron, trying to get to the tree. For some reason this always reminds me of high school and peer pressure. Everyone wants to be in the cool crowd and be accepted. But reflecting back now, I realize that still goes on today. Now that I am older and married sometimes I wonder how I can “keep up with the Jones’?” Through the media and entertainment we can get caught up with all these material things and lose perspective of what really matters most in life.
I think it really comes down to each of us wanting to feel or be accepted, and instead of us trying to get our peers approval, we should first understand that we are and always will be accepted of God. We are his children and he is always there for us. Because he created us, our desire should want to be like our Savior and not like “The Jones’.” We should strive to be like Him for He is the only way to salvation. I know that if I can hold onto the rod of iron, by keeping the commandments, and having faith in God, I will be able to partake in the fruit of the Tree of Life.By Maliana T.
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