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Mormon Temple

‘Mormon’ Temples: A Little Enlightenment The concept of temples is not new; there is a biblical connection between ancient and modern temples, and there are surprisingly simple answers to the questions about the Mormon temple. (Read more)

Global Temples Temples are more than a Mormon religious idea. And not only do temples have a place in Judaism and Buddhism (among others), they have a strong place in Christianity. (Read more)

The Tabernacle What was the importance of the tabernacle in Ancient Israel and how does it align with the idea of temples? (Read more)

The Christian Temple What does Christ and Christianity have to do with temples and why do Mormons use them today? (Read more)

Temple Ordinances The essential ordinances Mormons perform inside the temple are baptism for the dead, endowment, and eternal marriage. What are these ordinances and why are they essential? (Read more)

Entering the Temple Only worthy members of the Mormon Church can enter the temple. Why is this – and how do we become worthy? (Read more)

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