The following article was written by an anonymous student currently attending Brigham Young University.

BYU (Brigham Young University) is operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, often mistakenly called the “Mormon Church.” BYU students take nearly a semester of spiritually uplifting, stimulating religion classes.

In this series (see below), students enrolled in scripture study classes have shared their thoughts, insights, and reflections on the Book of Mormon in the form of letters to someone they know. We invite you to take a look at their epiphanies and discoveries as they delve into the scriptures.

In publishing these, we fulfill their desire to speak to all of us of the relevance, power and beauty of the Book of Mormon, a second witness of Jesus Christ and complement to the Bible. The Book of Mormon includes the religious history of a group of Israelite who settled in ancient America. (The names they use are those of prophets who taught the Book of Mormon peoples to look forward to the coming of Christ—Nephi, Lehi, Alma, Helaman, and other unfamiliar names. We hope those names will become more familiar to you as you read their inspiring words and feel the relevance and divinity of their messages through these letters.)

Let us know if you’d like to receive your own digital copy of the Book of Mormon, and/or if these messages encourage and assist you spiritually as well.

 Mormon Bible: The Veil Is Not Far

The stripling warriors may be one of the most famous and favorite stories from the Book of Mormon. It is a story of about 2,000 young men who go to war to defend their families because their parents have made a covenant with God to not take up arms against their enemies. These families were taken in by a group called the Nephites who went to war to protect them. When the Nephites began to suffer great loss, however, the parents wanted to step in to help. Afraid of the consequences their parents’ might suffer for breaking their covenant with God, these young men rise to the occasion.

Professor Griffin’s insight on their background was eye-opening for me and made me think a lot of their upbringing. He taught that many of the boys grew up without their fathers, which made me think of where their fathers were while they were fighting. I pictured them looking down from heaven being as proud as a father could be of his son. I pictured them being so close in spirit with the veil so thin. It seemed beautiful to me to imagine protection, comfort, and aid from the stripling warriors’ dads.

 Obviously I can’t know if these warriors’ fathers were looking down on them, but I do have a testimony that those who have passed away are still with us. They want to share our lives, especially in times of distress, celebration, happiness, or need. I can feel their comfort and help and have faith that they are there burning within us because of their love for us. Brigham Young (a Latter-day Saint “Mormon” prophet) told us that if we could see clearly, heaven is right in front of us.

 I like to remember my ancestors because their lives impacted mine and allowed me to come to earth at this time. I am very fortunate for those who came before me. All have played a role in who I am today, regardless if they were involved with me while I was growing up.

 Look to those who love you so deeply. Most of all, this is our dear Savior Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. Even when you feel most lonely and as if you have no friend in the world, they are always rooting for you.

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