Jesus Christ died for our sins. He also organized His Church while He was on the earth, for He would have all return to Him who would accept His gospel (and to accept it, they would have to, first, receive it). When Christ ascended to heaven, His presence did not leave the Church. He directed the leaders of His church, the Apostles, through revelation. But after the death of the Apostles, the teachings of the Church changed, and much truth was lost. Some truth remained, of course, and many people followed Jesus Christ’s commandments to the best of their knowledge, but the changes introduced into the Church lead to an apostasy, a general falling away, and Christ’s authority itself withdrew from the earth. In Acts 3:19–21, the apostle Peter prophesied the Church would return before the Second Coming of Christ.

Jesus Christ MormonThrough the Prophet Joseph Smith, God restored His Church to the earth. This Church, the Church of Jesus Christ (Mormon Church or LDS Church) has grown now to include more than 13 million members, who live in many nations. The Mormon Church has the same organization and the same teachings that the Church created by Jesus Christ had. The last part of the Church’s name, “Latter-day Saints”, is used to distinguish the Savior’s Church in our days from His Church in New Testament times. However, the first part of the name, Church of Jesus Christ, clearly shows that it is the same Church, and that it is founded on the teaching of the Savior.

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